Wow Carpet Cleaning are professional carpet cleaners. This page demonstrates our superior and thorough carpet cleaning and stain removal process.

The most comprehensive carpet cleaning treatment in the country

We are a family-run business with a fantastic team of people who take real pride in delivering truly excellent service.
Get a superior quality clean with our unique carpet cleaning process

Market Leading Truck Mount System

We have the most up to date cleaning products and cleaning systems, epitomised by our Truck Mount cleaning system. You can read more on the power of the truck mount here!

  • State of the art cleaning equipment
  • Professional carpet cleaning every time
  • Comprehensive independent reviews that back up our service

Truck Mount Cleaning

Great British Service

We take real pride in looking after you as a client, with the same high level of customer service which traditionally Britain is famous for. Furthermore, we turn up when we say we will and call you back when we promise to - don't believe us then just check out our independent CheckaTrade carpet cleaning reviews!

  • Absolutely no surcharge for politeness and good manners
  • Telephones answered quickly, by a real people, with no buttons to press
  • Five-star customer service (see our Checkatrade reports)

Great British Service

The Most Thorough Carpet Clean – Guaranteed

Our exhaustive upto TWENTY FIVE step carpet cleaning treatment makes sure you receive the ultimate carpet clean.

Full, expert stain removal is also included as standard. If you have stains in your carpet which previous cleaners have failed to remove, in our experience 84% of so called ‘permanent’ stains are not permanent at all (with our help).

  • Upto 25 step carpet cleaning treatment
  • The most comprehensive cleaning system in the UK
  • 100% Money back, ultimate customer satisfaction guarantee

The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Process

Your Triple Certified Cleaning Technician

TRIPLE certified, means your technician will be able to remove a much wider variety of stains and will not damage your carpets whilst doing so.

Our operators are trained to the very highest industry standards and we constantly look for innovative and cutting edge processes and products to ensure we can always offer you the very best carpet cleaning experience.

  • It’s VERY easy for poorly skilled operatives to damage and ruin carpets
  • Your technician will have passed 3x individual qualifications
  • With us, your carpets really are in the safest of hands

Triple Certified Carpet Cleaners

Fully Approved & Endorsed – is the country’s number one anti-rogue trader website. Reputable businesses must apply to be listed before being vetted and then approved. Once accepted to Checkatrade’s listings, a business has its customer feedback continually published online for all to see. Click here to see our latest carpet cleaning ratings on CheckaTrade.

  • Unbiased and open customer reports
  • Fully independent review and monitoring body
  • We consistently get an overall 10/10 customer report rating and on average our ratings are 9.9/10 as of February 2015

CheckaTrade Approved and Endorsed

Woolsafe Approved – We are 1 of only a few companies in Hampshire and Sussex!

Woolsafe Certified

If you took the trouble to invest in wool carpets then you appreciate the benefit of high quality and demand the best for yourself. As such, you need to be very careful as to who to entrust your wool carpet cleaning to.

Click the Woolsafe Approved logo to verify our accreditation.

Wool is a natural fibre and it requires an exceptionally high degree of specialist knowledge to clean them safely and effectively - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY to not cause any irreversible damage to the wool carpet itself.

  • 1 of only a handful of approved wool carpet cleaners in Hampshire
  • Specialist care is essential if you have wool carpets
  • Full piece of mind that you will have true experts taking care of your valuable carpets

One of only 7 Hampshire Approved Woolsafe Cleaning Contractors

“Outstanding results. A thorough and efficient service which was very affordable. Attention to detail and clearly explained. We had the living room, dining room, hall, stairs and landing all cleaned. The carpets now look almost new despite the marking and staining of 5 years use. The two young brothers running this company are to be applauded for their professionalism and customer care; their hard work and enterprise are to be admired and supported.”

Mr Parkins from Southampton – Published on

Your Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
Written Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies to choose from.
Normally you would have to ‘take a chance’ on whether or not they are any good.

We guarantee in writing that you will not pay if our work is ever under-par through it not living up to your expectations.

Carpet Cleaning Fact Number 1

Most carpet cleaners only offer a freshen-up clean. It is the equivalent of a ‘quick wash’ and they do not remove problem stains.

Clients are often left disappointed with the overall result, because what they really wanted was a ‘full clean’, with stain removal.

The WOW Promise Number 1

Our upto25 step carpet cleaning treatment is the most thorough you will find. Intensive washing, rinsing and full stain removal.

Carpet Cleaning Fact Number 2

‘Budget’ cleaners use cheap chemicals and poorly skilled ‘cheap’ labour.

The WOW Promise Number 2

Your triple-certified technician is trained to clean your carpets much better than anyone else can. We never put your carpets at risk from bleaching because we only using top quality, professional carpet cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning Fact Number 3

Choosing a carpet cleaner can be a gamble – What happens if their work is not that good?

The WOW Promise Number 3

You can choose us risk-free as we fully back the unparalleled quality of our work with a full money back guarantee in writing.

"If at first you are not completely delighted with the quality of our work, we will do everything within our power to go back and correct any problems that you identify. If, after that you are still not happy – we WILL refund your money."

Total Respect For Your Home As We Clean Your Carpets

Two of the key foundations of impeccable customer service, are manners and respect.
Your technician will always be are mindful to always take the utmost care when moving around and working in your home.

  • Your technician will always wear Over shoes when working in your home.
  • Where necessary corner guards are installed to protect your walls from any scuffing by cables and hoses
  • Rubber-backed, absorbent mats are installed underneath equipment and anywhere where products bottles are laid down

Total Respect For Your Home As We Clean Your Carpets

Child & Pet Safe – Premium Quality Cleaning Products

We chose our premium cleaning product range for their fantastic cleaning abilities, as well as them being certified safe for children and pets to come into contact with. Budget chemicals can often lead to unexpected irritations and upset tummies. Ours however, will not.

  • We only use premium quality cleaning products (without a surcharge)
  • They each provide powerful cleaning action, yet are made from natural ingredients!
  • Safe for children and pets to come in contact with immediately after cleaning

Child and Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Always On Time For Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Your time is precious, and there is simply no reason why you should be kept in waiting for hours on end for someone who you are paying to turn up… to turn up!

  • Good time keeping is simply good manners
  • We will be on time for your appointment
  • If ever we are late, we will send you a £10 John Lewis voucher as an apology

John Lewis £10 Gift Voucher

“I could write a small book about them, all in praise. In summary, OFF THE SCALE EXCELLENT, from 1st contact to finished result. In a world of shoddiness (and people pretending to care), these guys genuinely do the business. I had read the comments, watched the film on their website etc so I already did have high expectations – but I have to say I was MOVED by the extent they exceeded my expectations. It does sound corny but I believe in credit where credit’s due (and the opposite applies) but my experience with WOW carpet cleaning is perhaps the best service I have received from any service provider, ever – and I’m in my 40s and in sales so that’s a lot of service experience. Most businesses can learn from these guys – as regards the simple transaction of carpet cleaning, the Queen should use them! I can’t recommend them enough.”

Ian Mackenzie from Eastleigh – Published on

Does Anyone In Your House Have Breathing Difficulties?

Dust-mites, and more specifically the masses of microscopic faecal matter which they produce are the second biggest trigger for respiratory problems in the home. Our all-natural, extremely powerful anti-dust mite solution kills all dust mites on contact. Our intensive cleaning process ensures that all their waste material is removed as well, which prevents irritation and inflammation.

  • All our vacuum cleaners are fitted with Stage 12 (Hospital Grade) HEPA filters
  • All-natural, powerful anti-dust mite treatment
  • Invaluable for people with breathing difficulties (especially asthma)
  • Breath easily in your home for up to 6 months

Dustmites In Your Home Can Cause Problems

“Tom and Sam were very polite, I liked the fact they wore separate shoes for inside work, and the quality of their work was fantastic! Wow carpet cleaning was our last effort before replacing our carpet and they got the carpet looking as good as new. I was very pleased with their service, I could only do a Friday night due to work commitments and they worked late into the night in order to give us the best service, I will not hesitate to use their services again next time I want my carpets cleaned!”

Kyle Hall from Southampton – Published on

National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) Certified

To be a professional carpet cleaner you have to be fully certified and approved by The National Carpet Cleaners Association. Your home & contents insurance will more than likely be invalidated in the event of an accident, if an uninsured, non-professional cleaner works in your home.

  • NCCA – The national professional accreditation body
  • Fully certified and approved
  • Your carpets in safe hands

WOW are National Carpet Cleaners Association Certified

Real People On The Phone… Straight Away!

Your call is genuinely important to us, which is why we will ALWAYS answer it personally and quickly. You get through to a real person, straight away with no messages to listen to or buttons to press. 0800 862 0065 / 02380 007 123

  • Your call is important to us
  • You are connected to a real person – straight away
  • Open from 8am until 10pm, 7 days a week

Real People On The Phone

“Tom explained to me when he called to quote what would happen and his approach was extremely professional and had no doubt about accepting quote. Have had many flyers but glad I resisted. Results were better than I could have imagined -would certainly have them back and recommend them”

Andrew Wibberley from Southampton – Published on

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