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Don’t risk it with budget or cheap carpet cleaning!

Yes you can choose DIY carpet cleaning, or you can employ a cheap carpet cleaner. You may get lucky with your stain, you may not! Using the wrong products on some stains can damage your carpet and lead to PERMANENT staining.

If you avoid permanent staining you may end up “paying twice” when you have to book a professional carpet cleaner to rectify an inferior companies work…

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Our Carpet Cleaning Service

WOW Carpet Cleaning

If you want stain-free, radiantly clean carpets, then our upto 25 STEP carpet cleaning treatment will give you exactly that!. Beware of attempting save a few pounds now by using a budget carpet cleaner – they can make stains worse, destroy your carpets – or just not clean in the first place, leaving you to spend out more on a professional carpet cleaning company.

WOW - The Most Thorough Clean

WOW – The Most Thorough Clean

Before having your carpets cleaned, you should the time to check out who you are considering letting into your home. It’s very easy for someone to buy a cheap carpet cleaning machine, charge the lowest going rate and start ‘carpet cleaning’.

Unless a carpet cleaner has had professional training, there are many serious mistakes which they can make.

Over-soaking carpets is common, which later causes mold to develop in your carpet. Using too much water pressure and tearing your carpet’s backing (which causes bald patches) is another common error.

A professional carpet cleaner is someone who has undertaken proper training to become an accredited carpet technician.

All Wow technicians have undergone the highest levels of industry training – we also supply them with state of the art cleaning machines and technology.

Our truck mount cleaning system delivers the results your carpet and upholstery deserve!

Expensive or Quality Carpet?

A good quality carpet is more than likely made from wool or from a wool-synthetic blend.

The two most common carpet cleaning ‘disasters’ involve wool carpets being shrunk or having their Colour changed. If you’ve ever accidentally shrunk a woollen jumper, then you’ll understand just how susceptible wool is to damage.

Accidentally changing a carpet’s colour is very easily done in the wrong hands. Cleaning wool carpets by someone who is not explicitly qualified to clean wool carpets, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Wool is a natural fibre and there is one key principle which you simply have to adhere to. When cleaning wool carpets you have to make sure you test and restore the PH acidity level of the carpet when you are finished. If you do not do that, carpets invariably turn pink. The only way that you can be sure your wool or wool-mix carpets are not damaged and are cleaned safely is if you use a Woolsafe approved carpet cleaner.

WOW, a Woolsafe Approved Hampshire Contractor

WOW, a Woolsafe Approved Hampshire Contractor

Woolsafe is the international wool care and training body. No one knows more about the care and cleaning of wool than they do, and it’s only Woolsafe who provide specialist wool care training and official accreditation. To become a Woolsafe accredited carpet cleaner, you have to undergo extensive wool carpet cleaning training which is followed by a formal exam.

There is a very good reason why there are only a few Woolsafe approved carpet cleaners in Hampshire, and that is because of the commitment to the high level of training and education which a cleaner much pass in order to ultimately achieve qualification.

Carpet Cleaners Insurance

A quick note regarding insurance… you would be forgiven for thinking that if ever there was an accident then ‘the insurance will cover it’.

That is true, but only if the cleaner himself has adequate valid insurance. Cowboy carpet cleaners invariably are not insured (simply to save money in their eyes), but… if an uninsured cleaner works in your home and does not have insurance – you will have to pay to replace your carpets YOURSELF!.

The reason for this is home & contents insurance policies commonly DO NOT cover any accidents caused by professionals whilst carrying out their work. A note here regarding ‘professional’, in the eyes of insurers, a professional is anyone who charges money for a service regardless of quality.

WOW Pro Stain Remover Bottle

WOW Pro Stain Remover Bottle

Cheap carpet cleaning companies nearly always use cheap chemical products, it goes with the territory. The reason why the use of cheap chemicals is such a bad thing is quickly explained when you think of similar products such as cheap shampoo or cheap washing up liquid.

They not only do an incredibly poor job at cleaning carpets to start with, but they also leave a sticky residue which attracts dirt like a magnet. Further still, they are also extremely prone to causing upset stomachs and discomfort for children and pets who come into contact with the nasty chemical residues which get left behind.

The other thing which cheap chemical products do is leave a strong, headache-inducing chemical smell which lingers for a good day or two.

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See our outstanding, independent carpet and upholstery cleaning reviews on the CheckaTrade website

The below is a screenshot from our CheckaTrade review page as of September 2017 and again in August 2019. We always strive for the best and we feel these independent customer reviews speak for themselves! To achieve such consistently high rankings over hundreds of reviews shows to you we are doing exactly what we say we will – in fact for the last 12 months we have had nothing but 10/10 ratings!

Please click on the review picture below to visit the CheckaTrade site itself and read our wonderful carpet cleaning reviews…

WOW's CheckaTrade Carpet Cleaning Reviews as of August 2019
WOW's CheckaTrade Carpet Cleaning Reviews as of September 2017