Why is our carpet cleaning the best?

Simply put, we follow the same, carefully designed multi-step process every time. It is a process that gets the best results every time. Why have a process that works and not use it!

Beginning with a thorough high-filtration vacuum cleaning of the carpet, each time, every time.  This removes dust and surface debris from the carpet.  Always carried out first this is a  simple but effective step.

Our team will then carefully apply a gentle cleaning agent which is then worked deep into the carpet pile using a mechanical agitator.  These ensures that the cleaning agents penetrate deep into the carpet pile, lifting hidden dirt and dust.

Our team then have a variety of stain removal agents on board to treat and remove a wide range of stains.  Although we are unable to guarantee that we can remove every stain we have a great success rate.  Once stains have been treated our team then commence rinsing the carpet and extracting all water and products.  The extraction stage utilises our truck mounted hot-water extraction machine.

Removing all dirt and products our powerful truck mounted machine really sets us apart!

To find out more about our truck mounted machine click here  https://wowcarpetcleaning.co.uk/why-choose-wow/truck-mount-cleaning/

The machine effectively removes water and products leaving your carpet super clean and barely damp.  Fragrance or deodoriser may now be added and the carpet pile brushed to leave it soft and fluffy.  Additional protections against dust mites or stains may now be added at the customers request.

A simple explanation of our process that works each and every time.

Now you have read why it’s the best, why not make your booking today and see the WOW difference for yourself!

Photos showing before and after pictures of grey carpet, after cleaning the marks are removed and carpet is left clean and soft




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