Office carpet cleaning from our team


The team cleaning the carpet

Working alongside our parent company T&H Contract Services Ltd, we provide a full cleaning service for this large office premises in Chandlers Ford.  Working on behalf of our longstanding client who we are proud to carry out a number of services for.

The team visited earlier to carry out test areas and to ensure that we were able to remove the sticky tape marks from the carpet.  As noted in a previous post, our test areas were successful see our team tested and worked a out a careful process to remove the marks without damaging the carpet.

The team now visited the premises on the weekend, when the office was closed, to clean the whole area.   Applying the WOW carpet cleaning process to this very large area required teamwork to work on sections at a time.  After vacuuming the carpet first the team applied a pre-spray detergent and worked it into the pile using a mechanical agitator.  After allowing the detergent the appropriate time to act our truck mounted carpet extraction machine is then used to simultaneously rinse and extract and all water, detergent and dirt from the carpet.

Great results were achieved by our hard working team!  Removing the sticky marks, ingrained dirt and day to day stains to restore this carpet to clean and fresh.  This is now a hygienically clean workplace for the staff to return.

Before cleaning


  After cleaning

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The day to day contract cleaning for this large office premises is provided T&H Contract Services Ltd.