Great results from our team carrying out deep cleaning of the upholstery and carpets at local landmark venue the Gaiety Bar on South Parade Pier.

Our team do a great job on regular deep cleaning of the Gaiety Bar.  We have established a good reputation in periodically cleaning the hard flooring.  Now our team were called in to clean the carpets and upholstery – lets see how they got on…..

The upholstered booths get a lot of use with regular functions at this busy local venue. Now it was time for them to get the WOW treatment! A deep clean was required.  Our highly trained team of operatives carefully followed our tried and tested process to remove any stains and ingrained dirt from the surface of the upholstery.  Our team have a range of specialist stain removing products at their disposal.  These stain removers are ideal for this task where a range of food and drink could be the cause of the stain.

Our amazing deep cleaning left the upholstery super soft, smelling fresh and hygienically clean, all set for many functions ahead.

Carpeted areas throughout the venue were also given a good deep clean.  Vacuuming thoroughly before applying products, agitating the pile before extracting to remove dirt.  Our careful process ensures carpets are left clean and fresh every time.  The same careful process, the same well trained staff whether in your home or a commercial premises – always a WOW result!

Great work by the WOW team!

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