Upholstery Can Get Stained, As Well as Dirty!

Every parent knows that children can do the most unexpected and at times most unwanted things. We recently attended a job where our customers upholstery had become the victim of a lipstick stain, caused by the creative talent of their daughter.

Luckily our customer was wise enough to leave the stain removal to the professionals. Attempts to clean stains yourself can sometimes help ingrain the stain and actually make its removal a lot harder or even impossible.

Here is a picture of the upholstery that was used as the canvass for their child’s masterpiece.

Lipstick Stain on Upholstery before Cleaning

Lipstick Stain on Upholstery before Cleaning

You can see the way the artist creatively used the whole canvass and selected the correct shade of lipstick to ensure great visibility on the light coloured stool.

Thankfully felt tips and permanent markers weren’t at hand or the job of stain removal would have been made that little bit harder for us!

Lipstick Stain Removal on Upholstery

Being professional carpet and upholstery cleaners we were able to tackle this misfortune with the correct techniques and chemicals. Our customer was very surprised at how well we were able to remove the staining and the stool was noticeably cleaner in its entirety!

Utilising our truck mount cleaning equipment for exceptional cleaner quality, we were able to fully remove all signs of the lipstick staining.

Lipstick Stain on Upholstery after Cleaning

Lipstick Stain on Upholstery after Cleaning

If you, or someone you know has had a similar “incident” then please don’t hesitate us for a free, no obligations quote for upholstery cleaning or stain removal!