CheckaTrade Carpet Cleaners’ Reviews

Every carpet cleaning company will tell you how great they are – some may also have some testimonials on their website. Now all our testimonials are genuine and not the excellent creation of our web development team, however you only have our word for this and it is almost impossible for us, or any other company, to verify to you that these customers are real. Would any customer leave a review if they had to provide name and address and be on hand for the hundreds of people that would want to contact them every month, just to check they are real and genuine?

This is where an independent directory and review company can come in handy. Checkatrade is one such company, and although not infallible from “fixed” or non genuine reviews, they are one of the most trusted and genuine real life business ratings company. As a member we hand out their cards to our customers and hope their reviews accurately reflect the service we deliver. As such we hope to gain business through having great Independent Carpet Cleaning Reviews that honestly and accurately reflect the service we offer.

How do I know to trust Reviews?

Every review has to be completed via a review card. When a business is new they may not have many reveiws and therefore a very good or very bad review will have a much bigger impact on the validity of the companies ratings. As a result many new start up businesses will work to build up a portfolio of positive reviews through the use of special offers or family and friend reviews. A business, such as WOW Carpet Cleaning, however has been running for a number of years, and as such has built up a natural and long standing ratings, gained from over 122 (as of today, the 10th November 2015) independent reviews of our upholstery and carpet cleaning services.

WOW Carpet Cleaning CheckaTrade Ratings November 2015

WOW Carpet Cleaning CheckaTrade Ratings November 2015

As you can see from the above we have excellent independent ratings for our carpet cleaning business – if you click on the image you will go straight to our CheckaTrade reviews page.

Independent Carpet Cleaning Company Reviews

Below are just a few of our most recent comment reviews and they come from upholstery and carpet cleaning jobs in Eastleigh, Emsworth, Portsmouth and Southsea:

They cleaned all the upstairs carpets. They were very polite and tidy and kept us informed of everything they were doing.

Punctual for work, efficient. Didn’t even want refreshment.

Excellent service. Carpet was very badly stained and everyone has gone. It looks like new. Fantastic job.

Excellent results on the fabric. Looks like new, polite and efficient team.

We hope this post has helped clarify business reviews and testimonials, and helps to demonstrate why we are so trusted when it comes to professional carpet and upholstery cleaning – contact us now for a free, no obligations cleaning quote!