Tile Floor Cleaning

Our professional cleaning services do stretch beyond just carpets and upholstery. We recently completed this job on a sauna’s tiled floor. Here we had a combination of dirt and lime-scale to safely and effectively remove from the tiled flooring to leave it looking a lot better than before it was cleaned!

Admittedly we are a hundred times better at professionally cleaning than we are as photographers, however even in the image you can see a massive difference in the before and after shots in terms of the tiles appearances. This job was for a households sauna, however we will happily provide professional commercial cleaning as well.

Utilising the power of our truck mount cleaning machine

One of the reasons we are able to tackle so many different flooring surfaces is our professional, truck mounted cleaning machine. It also helps that as a company we are owned by a professional domestic and commercial cleaning contracting company. This means our investment in the training of all our staff and most importantly the latest cleaning machines and products, leads to outstanding results no matter what cleaning job we tackle.

The tiles in this picture were floor tiles, however we have also used our equipment to tackle bathrooms and shower tiles – sometimes our clients don’t realise all of our professional cleaning services until they have had their carpets cleaned, however we can and we will happily tackle any of your flooring or upholstery cleaning jobs at a very competitive price!

To summarise, if you are looking for Professional Cleaning for Tiled Floors or any other hard or soft surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact WOW Carpet Cleaning.