This carpet cleaning job in Winchester also featured a radiator rust stain removal!

We were recently contacted by a customer who wanted their carpets and rugs cleaned in a very impressive house in Winchester. As part of the job they had recently removed an old radiator as part of renovation work and during this some very old and rusty water had leaked over the carpet creating a rather nasty carpet stain.

Carpet rust stain before treatment

Here you can see some images of the radiator water staining on the carpet. The best thing for us is the customer did not attempt to tackle the staining themselves and immediately contacted us.

By doing this they allowed us the opportunity to tackle the stain in the correct manor to achieve the best results!

Pre-treatment and carpet stain extraction

Before attempting to tackle this stain we applied our pre-treatment chemical. This was followed by a series of targeted manual agitations to help separate and extract the stain.

Carpet radiator rust stain removed

As you can see, by professionally tackling the radiator water carpet stain we achieved absolutely outstanding results.

Carpet rust stain removal after

Carpet rust stain removal after

Carpets & Rug Cleaning

As well as tackling the specific water stain we also completed a complete clean of all the carpets and rugs within the property. Our customer was absolutely delighted with the quality of our cleaning and their home was definitely impressive!