Another Happy Carpet Cleaning Customer

At the start of November we visited a customer in Ocean Village, Southampton to undertake carpet cleaning across their 4 storey town house. This job was actually a first for us as we attempted to tackle a stain we hadn’t previously encountered knowingly – Calpol, the yummiest kids medicine!

Ocean Village, Southampton Carpet Cleaning Job

Ocean Village, Southampton Carpet Cleaning Job

The advantage of our professional truck mount carpet cleaning machine is that we are able to professionally tackle all jobs, even those involving multiple flights of stairs!

However, it is also important to consider your hose and to make sure your customer’s home is not damaged, especially when stretching so far. This is where professional carpet cleaners, such as ourselves, utilise safe corner protection for all doors and skirtings that may be at risk from damage…

Carpet Cleaning Home Protection

Carpet Cleaning Home Protection

The WOW Carpet Cleaning Experience

Depending on the stains we are attempting to remove one of the first jobs we undertake is a general hover to remove large debris. Once this is complete we can apply a general pre-clean solution to the carpets and after leaving this to react, we work over the carpet with an agitator. This helps to break down any dirt and also separate the carpet pile prior to the main deep clean. The main clean utilises our truck mount machine that runs on RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water. This process strips all the chemicals and trace elements found in normal tap water. It leaves you with a very clean water source. The purer the water the easier it is to breakdown and attract dirt.

After this has been done we can tackle any stubborn stains – depending on the staining we will have sometimes treated the spot stains prior to any pre-cleaning work. Utilising our unique and chemical free solutions we can tackle nearly all stains. The hardest stains we have to remove are those the customer has already attempted to remove. If you use the wrong product or scrub the stain in to the carpet pile it is sometimes impossible to then extract the stain or reverse any permanent discolouring. ALWAYS CONTACT THE PROFESSIONALS WHEN THE STAINING FIRST OCCURS!

The pictures below show this process for a small area of a child’s bedroom at our Ocean Village, Southampton carpet cleaning job. The staining to this one area of carpet included ink, coffee and calpol. As you can see we managed to leave the carpet spotless!

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We also have some videos of our spot stain treatment from this job on our Facebook page, please visit to view these.