It may seem cheaper to hire a carpet cleaning machine – but is it really?

It has amazed us to see how popular hiring a carpet cleaning has become. Visit many of the local retail stores and you will see stands and adverts past the tills encouraging you to hire a “professional” carpet cleaning machine. So why is this so bad you may be thinking?

  • On top of the hire fee itself you have your time to consider
  • You have the added extras such as water costs and electricity costs, plus petrol in collecting and returning the rental machine – and the cost for the generic cleaning solution as well
  • Just how good is that machine you are hiring – to achieve a perfect clean you need a powerful, modern machine
  • Will you be able to deep clean and remove ALL carpet stains with just the supplied machine and purchased universal fluid

Obviously we are biased, but our bias comes from our desire to provide the very best carpet cleaning and stain removal for every job we undertake. There is a reason we invested so much in to our truck mount machine. It isn’t just about the superior suction and cleaning ability, nor the fact our carpets are not “soaked with water” which can cause damage and also further staining or issues – it is about having the best available to do the job properly.

You may get lucky with your hire machine, it may remove the surface staining that is bothering you, it may give an increased appearance of cleanliness to your carpets – but then again it may not, or worse still it may actually just mask and hide the dirt and grime that is lurking all the way to the pile of your carpet.

We can almost guarantee you won’t be purchasing treated water to use in the machine, instead relying on your own tap water. What you may not be aware of is just how hard the water is in this part of Southern England. Water hardness and the natural elements within it can affect the ability to clean a stain – it could even make your stain worse.

Our water is pre-treated to remove these impurities and also provide a softer, neutral water to provide a better clean.

We are regularly called to houses that have rented a carpet cleaning machine, only to still need a professional carpet cleaner!

This really is a nightmare scenario for you. You have spent money and time in the hope of cutting costs, only to end up wasting all of this and having to pay more than if you had just contacted a carpet cleaning professional in the first case.

There is a reason we have a whole tray full of specific cleaning solutions, each designed to tackle different types of stains from organic or protein based to water or oil based. Sometimes to get the perfect clean we need to treat the stain, in the correct order of products.

An example of this is a spilled cup of coffee – how this is tackled depends entirely on how the coffee was made. Was it a black coffee, was it made with milk or even cream – how much sugar was in it? Each of these stain components will require different cleaning solutions to remove the stain fully. It is this level of knowledge that can really make a difference to removing your carpet stain.

So the choice is yours – attempt to cut those corners and do things on the cheap – or contact the professional carpet cleaners in the first place for a FREE CARPET CLEANING QUOTE