Is your carpet stained with Red Wine?

Our Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal service may be the perfect way to remove that unwanted red wine stain! Red wine is notoriously difficult for an amateur to remove from carpets or upholstery. One of the biggest problems is when originally spilled, the wine has either been left to fully soak in to the carpet or worse still has been agitated in to the carpet. If you are reading this with a stain then this won’t help you now – but on the off chance you don’t have a stain, or want to know what to do in the future then the best thing is to immediately absorb as much liquid as possible.

When red wine is spilt using an absorbent cloth or kitchen towel to gently “blot” as much liquid as possible

Make sure you use an up and down blotting motion as opposed to swirling or attempting to wipe the stain up. The goal is to reduce the liquid being absorbed by the carpet or fabric and to prevent its spread as much as possible. A small amount of water can then be added to the stain and you can continue to blot. This will help to remove as much of the wine as possible. At this point do not attempt any further DIY cleaning. This could damage your carpet further, ingrain the stain or worse still bleach or permanently discolour your carpet.

Call in the professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners!

We can utilise our experience and our range of cleaning products to analise your red wine stain and decide on the best course of action to treat it. Check out our pictures from a red wine stain removal job we undertook.

Red Wine Stain Before Cleaning

Red Wine Carpet Stain Before Cleaning

Red Wine Stain After Cleaning

Red Wine Carpet Stain After Cleaning